Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cookie Monsters

The Junior Room were very busy yesterday baking cookies with Marianne. 
First we made cookie dough by mixing butter, 1 egg, brown sugar, self raising flour, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt and loads of chocolate chips! 

It was a very tough job mixing the dough in the bowls. It was very hard not to eat the cookie dough before we cooked it! 

We spooned out blobs of the cookie dough onto baking trays and put them in the oven for 15 minutes.

When they were ready, the blobs of dough had flattened into flat round cookies. They were delicious. We were  delighted to taste test the cookies when they were done.

Thank you Marianne!

Pizza Perfect!

The Senior Room were very busy today with Marianne Cronin, making pizza from scratch. We started with the tomato sauce. We made tomato sauce by frying up some onions and basil. We then added in tins of tomatoes and some herbs and let the magic happen. The sauce came to the boil, and then we let it simmer to reduce and thicken.

Once the sauce was thickened, we used a blender to blend the mixture and make it smooth. We spooned the tomato sauce onto the pizza bases and spread it around. 

After that, we added cheese to each pizza. Then came the fun part - adding our favourite toppings!! We had plenty to choose from - pepperoni, ham, onions, mushroom, peppers, chicken tikka, sweetcorn, tomatoes and bacon. We added more cheese on top again. 

Finally, the pizzas were put into the oven to cook. Our perfect pizzas were ready! We used a pizza slicer to cut the pizza into slices and it took us 10 minutes to gobble up 3 big pizzas between 9 of us! 

We can't wait to see what Marianne has in store for us in two weeks time!! 

Adjectives we used to describe our pizzas were: amazing, tasty, fantastic, spicy, scrumptious, delicious, yummy, mouth-watering, indescribably delicious! 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Snow Day Acrostic Poems

The Senior Room were busy writing Acrostic poems with the words 'Snow Day'.

Sunday is the best for snow.
No school
Out and about all day long
When I see the weather change
Dreary, we go back inside
Afraid to watch the world melt
You watch your snowman turn into a puddle.
by Liam 

Snow is so joyful,
Now it is falling all around us,
Oh it is so fun,
Wow, it is snowing heavy now,
Don't get too carried away,
And if you do,
You'll get flaked with snowballs!
by Kieran

Sophie was happy when she woke up today,
Niamh saw the snow and screamed with joy,
Orla decided to throw snowballs at us,
Weather was all we cared about now,
Delivery of snow meant we could build a snow family,
And you had no idea how happy Michelle was,
You would be so jealous of our fun in the snow!

by Sophie

Snow is fun,
Nothing against the burning sun,
Oh how I wished it snowed all day,
We build and throw and play away,
Day and night I would still be out,
Away with the sun,
Yippee!!! I love snow.

by Orla

Snow is falling down,
No one is making a frown,
Orla thinks the snow is fun,
Winter can be fun for anyone,
Dancing and prancing everywhere,
Always snow in our hair,
You and I don't really care.

        by Michelle
Snow all over the ground.
Now everyone is getting ready to go and play.
Orla gets up and screams.
While others get up with glee.
Dawn is upon us the next day.
All the children in the town cheer.
Yippee the snow is here again today!
by Niamh

Snow is coming.
No sun today
Oh the fun!
Weather can be playful
Day spent out and about
Across the lawn
You can make snowmen
By Niall

Snow is coming and it's falling,
No more sun but lots of fun,
On a snow day,
We can build a snowman,
Do lots of games
And have some fun,
You'll throw some snowballs and get soaked!

by Michael

Singing birds was so last summer,
Now it's time for snowmen,
Our back garden is full of snow, I never want it to ever go ,
Winter is the best season ever,
Day after day I always pray, that it will snow the next day
After dinner I make my day, by building a snowman and then go play
"Yes!" Said my mother, "It's summer again" and I go mutter with my friend Ben.

by James

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Snow Day in Shrone NS

Pupils were delighted this morning to wake up to a blanket of snow covering Shrone.
They got straight to work building snowmen before starting a snowball fight!! We were all very cold but happy going back inside.

Unfortunately  the snow has started melting so there will be very little left by the time we all get home! 
Click Here for a link more photos!