Thursday, 23 April 2015

A bird's nest in the Shrone Public Postbox

Last Monday week, Liam and Niamh spotted a bird flying in and out of the public post box outside the school gate.  When Sheila, the post woman, arrived at 12.30 to collect the post, she allowed us to peek inside.

Just as we thought - there was a big collection of twigs and Moss and other bits and pieces gathered. Sheila allowed us to look in everyday when  she collected the post and the bird continued building it's nest.


Con, the usual postman, came back from his week on holidays and was surprised to find the little visitor happily nesting in the post box.


Today, when we went to look we spotted 2 eggs have been laid! (There could be more but they were hidden under the fluff and sheep's wool that had been gathered). Con had a little sign for the postbox that told the locals to not use the postbox until the chicks hatch and leave their nest!

We won't be looking in any more but we will start listening out for chirping sounds that tell us that the eggs have hatched!