Thursday, 26 February 2015


The Senior Room had great fun today. We played a game of #mysteryskype with another school. They had to ask us Yes/No questions and they guessed where we were in the world. They asked us what continent we were in, whether we were on the East/West of Europe. They asked were we in England first and then guessed Ireland. 

We asked them the continent they were located on. We found out that they were on the North American continent and they were in the Atlantic. They were living on an island in the Caribbean. In the end, we guessed Puerto Rico!

We learned that their native language is Spanish and they are learning English. They were in a medium sized school (for their country) but that was still 450 pupils!! The biggest schools in Puerto Rico have 1000+ pupils! They were amazed to hear that we had only 20 in the whole school! 

They told us all about their weather. It is always sunny and warm, except for when there are hurricanes! The wind can go up to 150 miles for hour. They are rare. The children has never experienced a hurricane but their teacher had. She told us that they had to pack away everything in the garden, lock up the house, get first aid kits ready, organise provisions (food, water etc.). They had to stay in the house for over 24 hours until it was safe to go out again. 

It was 9am in Puerto Rico and 1pm here when we were talking to them.

It was a great experience! It was really cool to talk to another school in another country. We would love to do it again sometime!

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