Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Springtime on the Farm.

We are learning about Spring in school. This morning we paid a visit to a local farm. We were greeted by the farmer and his wife who gave us a guided tour. Firstly  we went to the calf house. 

There we saw all the new born calves. We were all delighted to see a set of twins and we were all thrilled when we got a chance to rub them. 

Nora showed us a calves' feeding bottle. (Much much bigger than a babies bottle.) 

Then we visited the milking parlour and we saw where the cows were milked. 

Christy then brought us to his machinery shed. We were all impressed with his array of fine farm machinery. 

Nora then explained to us all about tagging calves. She explained to us why calves were tagged and why there were numbers on the tags. 

Christy demonstrated how to use the  bale cutter and splitter to open the bales. I'm sure only most farmers could dream of having it! 

All in all we had a very enjoyable morning and our sincere thanks to Christy and Nora for their informative talk. 

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