Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Friendship Week.

Friendship week runs from Monday 8th April- Friday 12th April. The pupils in the Shrone school were divided into one of three groups today. Group A were “Watching Friendship Grow” Group B were “Working With Friends”and Group C were the “Recipe For Friendship” group.  

Group A planted bulbs. In the goodness of time we will watch these bulbs grow and flower once they have been cared for and nurtured. Likewise our relationships with our friends will bloom if we care for our friends. 

Group B were working with Friends. The group worked in pairs or in groups of three with a new friend to make picture frames from lollipop sticks. While working they listened to some of their favourite songs and had a chat to find out a bit more about their new friend. When the frames were finished they took part in the friend quiz, they had to answer questions about each other. Everyone did very well and learned lots about each other. 

Group C worked on the theme recipe for friendship. We discusssed what a recipe for good friendship was. We had words like honesty, love, laughter, caring, sharing and kindness. We explored the idea of extending our friendships. Then we followed a recipe and together we all helped to make a batch of Rice Krispie buns. We realised that the Rice Krispies represented us and that the chocolate represented our interests and hobbies. The Rice Krispie Buns were bound together with chocolate and likewise we are connected to our friends through our common interests and hobbies.  

We finished our session by composing a friendship poem and eating our buns. They were delicious! 

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