Friday, 1 May 2020

May Bush and flower collage.

May Bush
This tradition is being revived...people decorate a hawthorn or a furze bush with egg shells, flowers and ribbons.It is erected on May Eve or May Day.....the idea being that it will keep the fairies away.

Another nice activity is to make a collage with flowers on May Eve (April 30th) outside the house. The collage could be of anything, using a mix of different flowers. It would be a nice activity to go on  a walk and collect a  variety of wild flowers, take photos of the flowers as you do so we can identify them later and create a collage with the petals. 

Some children might like to experiment with preserving the flowers by pressing and drying, to do this lay the flowers flat between layers of kitchen paper and compress them between layers of heavy books. After a few days the flower will be flat and dry and can be stuck onto a piece of paper or into a scrapbook and identified. 

Someone could experiment and see how it goes to create a small collage from flowers and try to preserve it between kitchen paper and heavy books. 

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