Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Visit from a Local Business Man

As part of our Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP), we needed to interview a local businessman about their business, how they set it up and what it takes to run your own business.

As part of the Discovery Primary Science and Maths Programme, we also needed to talk to a scientist about their job and how they got involved in the work they do.

We decided that Donal Murphy, the local vet, would be a perfect visitor to tell us about all of these things.

Ms. Drumm invited him into talk to us and he came to visit on Wednesday 26th February. He told us all about his business and how he set it up. He also told us about how he keeps his business successful and where the risks are in his job. We found out a lot of information about risks that need to be taken, what it takes to run a successful business and some things to bear in mind as we set up our own mini-business for JEP.

He also told us about his life as a vet and we were very interested to hear about the types of animals he works with in our area. Niall and Michelle recognised Donal because he regularly visits their farms to help with the cows, especially in the Springtime when they are calving. Donal told us that Springtime was his busiest time of year. He had to get up twice on Tuesday night for emergency calls! We wonder does he ever get a full nights sleep!

It was a very interesting interview. We would like to thank Donal for his time, especially as he is so busy at this time of year.

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