Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ghost - The Musical

Today the senior room were transported to New York during the musical of Ghost. The characters were: Molly, Sam, Carl, Oda Mae, Willie Lopez and the Subway Ghost.

It was awesome! Our favourite part was when the nuns were given 10 million dollars!!

The music was very exciting. We were 5 rows away from the stage. The orchestra were in front of the stage. We saw musicians playing violins, saxophones, trumpets, flute, double base, drums, piano and a keyboard. The conductor was in charge of the orchestra and he was playing the piano. His name was Noel Lennon.

There were 2 acts. There were lots of scenes in each act. The first act was definitely longer than the second act. There was a interval in between. Our favourite scenes in act 1 were: When Sam got shot and when we met Oda Mae for the first time.  Our favourite scenes in act 2 were: The umbrellas, the bank scene, Oda Mae talking to the bank manager and taking all his pens. Another scene we really enjoyed were the Subway scenes. The lighting and choreography made it seem like the stage was a real life Subway station.

We were very impressed with how the set moved. There was men in black clothes who came onto the stage and moved the large platforms between scenes.

We think the sound effects were brilliant. We heard the gun shots and when the glass shattered on the picture frame. At the end of act 1, There was a huge bolt of lightning projected onto the screen and the thunder sound was so loud and real sounding that it gave us all a fright!

During the final scene, Sam went to a new life in heaven. We were very impressed with the background, the lighting, the smoke, the projectors and the sounds.

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