Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Our Day of Achievement with Ultan Dillane

On Friday we celebrated A Day of Achievements. The day was to celebrate all of the achievements and awards that our school acquired during the 2104/2015 school year.

Our day began with a prayer service by Fr. Pat celebrating the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays.  It was attended by the children and their parents, as well as the incoming junior infants for next September. 

This was followed by a flag raising and plaque unveiling ceremony. Connacht Rugby player Ultan Dillane was on hand to perform these important tasks.

During the year we achieved 3 awards for the school.

Discover Primary Science and Maths Plaque of Excellence
The whole school took part in a range of Activites invoking Science, Technolgy, Engineering and Maths thorough out the year. These were logged and documented throughout the year on our school blog. We did Activites at Tralee Bay Wetlands, the local bridge, on the Internet, our Biome project with Missouri, loads of science experiment and many others to achieve this award. It is our 10th year in a row that we earned this award.

Junior Entrepreneur Programme
We took part in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. We had to set up our own company and sell a product to try and make a profit. We created a handy English tips book to help with our English writing called "Alphabandit". Our business was a huge success and after covering our costs, we made enough profit to pay for 25% of our school tour cost to Dublin.

Digital School of Dinstinction
Our school worked very hard to achieve this award. The teachers had to do some training courses, and work on the school policy documents. The students had to work hard on their ICT skills. We did projects with a school in Missouri, USA, we took part in #mysteryskype activities, we got our own @shronens.com logins for Google Drive and did plenty more activities as part of #techweekirl.

Mrs. Murphy and Ultan then cut a special Congratulations cake.

After his official duties were finished, Ultan joined all the children in a basketball game followed by a game of tag rugby. They got photographs, autographs and quizzed him about his life as a professional rugby player.

There was party treats for the children, tea and buns for the adults and a slice of cake for everybody! It was a great day. More photos can be seen by clicking here.

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