Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Shrone Lake

The senior room went for a walk to Shrone Lake today, Tuesday. The weather was rather warm and humid and misty as we set off. 

On the way we took part in a scavenger hunt looking for interesting plants and stones. We saw st Patrick’s cabbage, butterworth and even an orchid. We found a feather which could belong to a hen harrier and a few of us saw a perigrine falcon fly through the fog. We walked as far as the Clydagh Valley and had lunch. 

As we returned we used a net to search for mini beasts in a stream. We found nymphs and cassis fly loving on the stones. 

The weather began to brighten up and we went fishing. Mr Coakley supplied fishing gear and we all had a go. Aidan, an experienced angler managed to catch the only trout of the day, it was the first time most of us had ever seen a live, wild ,brown trout. We released the trout unharmed and set off for home we saw a frog and had a great view of the mountains as the mist lifted. 

We returned to Mc Auliffe’s house and were treated to icecream by Siobhan, many thanks Siobhan! We had a lovely day. 

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