Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Maths Week 2015. Day 2.

Today the pupils in the Junior room were learning all about 2D shapes. We went outside and we found various 2D shapes in the school grounds. Firstly we looked for circles in our environment.

Then we looked for triangles. 

Rectangles were the most common shapes. 

Lastly we found squares.

 We now realise that we are surrounded by various shapes. 

The pupils in the Senior room took part in a maths trail as part of Maths week.

We identified various lines and angles in the school environment.  

We measured the area of our new concrete yard and the perimeter of our vegetable beds. 

We had a ring throwing and a bean bag throwing competition and we calculated our average scores. 

We also measured the perimeter of a lap of our school and found it was 80 metres. 

We calculated 12.5 laps of the school is equal to 1 km. We will use this information as part of our active schools initative. 

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