Friday, 2 October 2015

Our visit to an Rath Mhor.

On Thursday 1st October the pupils in the Senior room along  with Mr.Coakley and Carina went to see the Fort in Rathmore. ( An Rath Mhor) 

We started off on the old  butter road. This was the road that was used to transport butter to Millstreet. After some time the new road as we know it was built. 

We saw some old houses that are there for over a hundred years. We even got to look inside one house. It was really small and it was just built for one person. 

We then reached the site of an old Kiln. We had been learning about it in school. We took out our pooters and we searched for insects in this area. We found spiders, centipedes and beetles. 

We then entered the Big Fort. This is where Rathmore got its name from (An Rath Mhor). We examined some tunnels. It was dark and we used a torch to see into them

Mr Coakley then showed us a big rock. It has three holes on it. We all had different ideas as to what it may have been used for. 

Then we ate our lunch. After lunch we split up into teams for our scavenger hunt. We had to find many different things within the fort including leaves, berries and flowers. 

It was then time to pack up and go back to school. Back at school we made a collage of all things we collected on our scavenger hunt. 
We all had a brilliant day and we learnt a lot both about history, art and nature. 

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