Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Engineers at work

This week we had a bridge making competition. It was for the Discovery Primary Science. Our bridges had to hold 500 grammes. The bridges were designed with wood, paper, lego, pencils, building blocks, hot wires, straws, plastic cups and cable ties. These are the pictures of our bridges.
This is the strongest bridge. It is made of wood and nails. It is painted. It was built by Kieran.
This bridge has electricity. It was built by James.
This bridge is made using Lego. It was built by Liam.

This is a very creative bridge. it is made using a lot of materials - plastic, wood, pencils, elastic and cable ties! It was built by Niamh.
This bridge is made of paper. It was built by Michael.
This bridge was made using cardboard and plastic cups. It was built by Sophie.

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