Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trip to the bridge

For the Discovery Primary Science program, We decided to go to find out more about our local bridge. 

The bridge is on the way as you go to 'The City'. We were split into four groups and we had to find out information about the bridge. 

We found out that the bridge is an arch bridge, There is a river under the bridge, the length is 18m, the width was 5m, the height was 5m and the height of the wall was 1m. 

We used a trundle wheel to measure the length and width of the bridge. We used a weight and some string to measure the height. We dropped the weight down into the river. We marked the string on the point at the top of the wall. Then we measured the distance from the weight to the mark. 

We found the bridge was made of concrete and stone. It is a very old bridge. We learnt a lot more about our local bridge! 

By Liam and Sophie 😄

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